Things you Need to know about Dubai Metro

The stations in the Dubai Metro line offer many facilities such as retail outlets and booths, such as coffee shops, boutiques, places to eat and tourist information. Currently, on the Red Line, car parking facilities areas are available at Rashidiya and Jumeirah Islands, both having 3,000 places each. There are only a few car parking places available at the other Metro stations. However, these stations have a good combination with other forms of transport such as taxis, buses and water taxis. There are no services for left luggage at the stations; there are, however, on board temporary storage services which can be used while travelling between stations to your journey.

Stations Planning

All the stations and the trains are wholly air-conditioned to a mean temperature. All stations have washroom and toilet services for the free. Every station is designed to be a mimic one of five themes important to the UAE– culture, earth, air, water, and fire. For example, the Rashidya station features cloud-like architecture, while the BurJuman station is planned to make commuters feel like they’re underwater. At the Mall of the Emirates, the colour scheme of the Metro station is made-up to match the fire tones of a volcano. Here we will tackle 10 rules you need to know about Dubai metro.

Dubai Metro Rules

You are not allowed to do the following, using public transport means, facilities and services without the payment of specific charges. Also, you are not allowed to Eat and drink in banned areas, specifically inside the train. It is allowed to eat and drink only in the stations and on the platforms however. Eating and drinking include water and chewing gum in particular. Entering or sitting in places owed to specific categories, while holding a different ticket. Don’t try to deceive and travel in the gold class carriage if you don’t have a gold class ticket and do not travel in the ladies’ carriage if you are a man. carrying animals on public transport means, facilities and services, except guide dogs that are used by the visually challenged. Operating or using any security or safety tools or means, including the emergency leavings other than in cases of emergency. You should take into account special events when planning the services in advance and wherever possible they will always endeavor to provide additional services to cope with passenger demand.

Metro coverage in Dubai

Currently there are two lines the green line and the red line. There are plans to build more lines and also to expand the existing lines further. This would mean a larger part of the Dubai residential areas would be covered by the Metro. One major plan that is in progress at the moment is to expand the Metro line to the site of Expo 2020. There are also expansion plans for launching 2 more lines, although those plans were put on hold lately. If you are wondering how to use the Dubai Metro either as a Dubai resident or as a visitor, then it’s must to be aware of the rules and regulations, the pricing of the tickets, and the information of the Metro stations.


Dubai Metro is a very affordable mean of public transportation and it is considered really cheap especially when compared to similar rail networks located in other areas around the world. Smartcards called Nol Card has to be used to pay for the metro rides. There are different types of the cards made in order to meet the varying demands of different sections of the society. They can also be used to pay for other Road and Transport Authority (RTA) mode of transport like Buses, Water Buses, and Dubai Tram as well as for RTA’s paid parking.

Additional unique facilities

In order to improve the services of the commuters, Dubai metro provides them with onboard wi-fi. It also provides accessibility for the disabled passengers and selected areas for luggage to be kept.  Dubai metro service is known by taking care of pampering its customers and always offer unique services like contrasting tactile guidance path for the visually impaired and dedicated spaces for wheelchair users on all trains.
It also offers platform alerts like audible beeps when doors open and closes along with corresponding flashing light signals. Other facilities include lift access in all metro station levels and information displays on screens throughout trains and stations. Taking into consideration the safety,the security and the convenience of the customers. Dubai Metro features over 3000 CCTVs in trains as well as stations.

The proficient train network has its own dedicated Metro Police in order to look into the implementation of the rules. Being entirely automated, each train and station are prepared with Emergency Call Box (ECB). Finally, the metro working hours are from 6AM to 12AM from Saturday to Wednesday, 6AM to 1AM on Thursday, and 10AM to 1AM on Friday. Hours may change during community holidays.


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