The Upcoming Communities in Dubai Focusing Expo 2020

Emirate obtained the right to host Expo 2020. The six month Expo is a huge and international event that gathers people with different backgrounds, beliefs, cultures to share ideas. Away from isolation, Expo gathers 25 million people from all over the world to solve and deal with the global matters like energy, water and transportation and achievements like the telegram, diesel engine, and color TV, as one nation.

Expo 2020 is expected to have a large impact on many sectors like tourism, trade, investment, economy and especially the real estate sector. Properties and real estates must be fully prepared to contain this event. Thus experts had planned and started out several mega projects to be ended before the start of Expo 2020. These megaprojects are as follows:

1. Mohammad Bin Rashid City

In November 2012, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum declared the establishment of a new city that becomes innovation, art and retail center. The city includes the largest area for galleries in the Middle East. It also includes the mall of the world which intended to be the biggest shopping mall in the world. The city is also considered to be a tourist attraction; as it includes the biggest swimming pool in the world and the large park that is able to receive about 35 million visitors every year. This city is fully prepared to receive Expo 2020; it has about 100 hotels, villas, and elegant properties, besides the other facilities to meet the needs of the visitors.

2. Al Habtoor city

It is one of the most promising projects in Dubai. Upon completion, it is expected to receive about seven million visitors every year. This city will attract both tourists and businessmen because of its closeness to the Dubai international financial center. It is also expected to include residential towers and three five- star hotels, that offer about 1,600 elegant rooms; and spectacular water-themed theatre.

3. Deira Islands development

This project consists of four man-made islands near to Deira district. Upon completion, it will include sea overlooking resorts, residential apartments, a shopping mall, café, restaurants, night market, and a large amphitheatre that will accommodate 30,000 visitors. They will have the opportunity to experience the sense of relaxation and comfort of island living. The islands, as well, will provide them with wonderful views of Dubai and the Arabian Gulf.

4. Blue Waters island Dubai

It will be one of the leading tourist attraction centers in the whole world. There will be ten residential buildings on the waterfront, 698 apartments with two, three and four bedrooms and 17 townhouses. This man-made island includes all the facilities needed such as swimming pools, gymnasiums, basketball courts, café, restaurants and children’s play areas.

5. The Taj Arabia

It is the Arabian version of Taj Mahal of India. It is like a hotel, consisting of five- star 350 rooms, two and three bedroom residential apartments provided with all services. The hotel will be built on a glass and will offer commercial offices and residences.


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