Smart Times Call for Smart Measures and in this Mobile-Driven era these 5 mobile measures are a must-have in Real-Estate.

Smart Times Call for Smart Measures and in this Mobile-Driven era these 5 mobile measures are a must-have in Real-Estate.

Like basically everything in this world at the moment, each industry is evolving at an exceedingly faster pace, possibly more than ever. Therefore, under this tech revolution, Real-Estate is certainly not falling behind too. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that out of all other industries, Real-Estate is one such industry that is revolutionizing by leaps and bounds and thus, it has certainly become a dire need of the hour to cater to this situation and in that very context, we have jotted down 5 such mobile must-haves for Real-Estate advertising and promotion.

Real estate is an inherently mobile industry which drives the much revolutionized and talked-about mobile-first approach. Like any good buzzword, “mobile-first” is applied to everything these days: Now be it e-commerce, retail, software, or entrepreneurship. Jeremy Wacksman, Chief Marketing Office of the Zillow Group a very well-renowned and bespoke online real-estate database company, explains the one-for-one overlap between real-estate marketing and mobile marketing stating: “More than two-thirds of our traffic comes from a mobile device and on weekends it’s more than 77 percent. In July, more than a half-billion homes were viewed on the Zillow Group’s Mobile. That’s 270 homes per second.” In short, Jeremy concludes, “If you aren’t advertising on a platform that consumers are using to shop for real estate, you are missing a huge opportunity.”

Strong words. And that’s why we started with quoting Wacksman, along with some other real-estate and mobile marketing expert advices, to find out the real “mobile musts” for real estate.

1. Mobile Design:

For the uninitiated, mobile design, also known as an extremely responsive design in nature, it means building web pages that automatically “respond” to the size of the device being used to view them. Commonly, this means resizing elements like text, images, buttons, and navigation. However, it also can mean eliminating onsite content itself that can’t easily be viewed on mobile.

As a current, older-millennial real estate agent, broker or simply an involved person pitching their client with a real-estate deal, one must know that the person or the client who is also considering a home purchase in the next year or so, if a site is not mobile optimized, he will not go back and use it. Since people spend the majority of their time on their phones and often use it as a second screen while watching TV, it is quite an evident probability that the first medium for them to use or reach out to would be a smartphone rather than any other advertising or marketing platform.

Thus, it has become all the more important to give the clients a big tap target, an easy inquiry form, and remember each and every bit of their provided information. Because If your site isn’t prepared for mobile users, you’ll lose them to sites that are.

2. Mobile ads:

Unless you’re Zillow, pay-per-click ads are the bread and butter of driving traffic to your real-estate site. These ads come in many forms: Google AdWords, Facebook Ads or display networks on other sites. Why should you go mobile-first with your ads?

In today’s world, mobile marketing should be the number-one focus not only on traffic but also of predictable conversions. If real-estate buyers and sellers aren’t getting localized ads with images and calls-to-action designed specifically for mobile, like an easily clickable phone number, then you’re left with a broken marketing engine. What we often see now are savvy agents embracing the Facebook Live video movement for home-tour promotion and grabbing potential leads en masse with ‘ads in apps’ campaigns.

Buying a home is not the same as buying a laptop, but the trend holds: People explore on smartphones, convert at their desktops and then cross back over. With your ads, and especially with your leads and sales funnels, you have to make crossing that divides easy.

Smart Times Call for Smart Measures and in this Mobile-Driven era these 5 mobile measures are a must-have in Real-Estate.

3. Mobile landing pages:

Coming forward to landing pages, landing pages are standalone web properties that exist for a single reason: to drive action. The goal of your real-estate landing page has to be glaringly obvious and ruthlessly singular. Pick one goal and one goal only. After that comes mobility.

With both the company and the clients, nearly 60 percent of one’s leads can be generated from mobile devices. Through optimization, real-estate companies can learn to follow four rules.

  1. Make their main CTA button no more than one ‘swipe’ down the page so it pops up almost immediately.
  2. Add another CTA button at the bottom of their mobile landing pages too. People don’t want to scroll back up to find an opt-in form or phone number.
  3. Use big buttons. Thumbs are fat, so make them span the width of the device screen.
  4. Don’t wrap the company’s phone number in an image. Ensure it’s clear, text-based, and easy to ‘tap to call.’

4. Mobile chat:

Messaging, or mobile chat, is the new email of real-estate marketing. Whether a real-estate company uses old-school text messages, Facebook Messenger or real-estate specific apps, mobile chat can sync up listings, manage customer relations and make communication native.

After all, It’s all about the human touch. Real-estate agents that are accessible via a messaging app help their buyers feel more comfortable and less overwhelmed by using the same channel they prefer to communicate with family and friends.

Furthermore, messaging also allows one as an agent to appear more responsive. Even if one can’t break away from another meeting for a phone call, they can often provide quick responses to the clients by text. Finally, real-estate specific messaging apps can now save agents substantial time in performing their job on the go.

Smart Times Call for Smart Measures and in this Mobile-Driven era these 5 mobile measures are a must-have in Real-Estate.

5. Mobile amenities:

Going mobile with your marketing is non-negotiable. But if you’re in real estate, you can’t stop there. Millennials and nearly every other demographic demand a mobile experience that’s carried across the services and accessible in their homes and rentals.

For properties, keyless entry, mobile-connected thermostats and USB chargers in outlets are musts. Likewise for landlords, setting up mobile payment options as well as being ready to deal with maintenance requests digitally and immediately are par for the course.

This proves that perhaps the biggest ‘small’ thing real-estate companies can do is to bring WiFi into all their properties to ensure new buyers or tenants have one less thing to worry about during the moving process. It’s staggering how much this tiny touch means to today’s always-connected crowds.”

Zillow’s CMO Jeremy Wacksman might sound like an alarmist. But he’s right in saying: “If you aren’t advertising on a platform that consumers are using to shop for real estate, you are missing a huge opportunity.”

Real-estate marketing is about mobile design, mobile ads, mobile landing pages, mobile chat, and even mobile amenities. The alternative isn’t very pretty. But the upside is definitely staggering.

Thus, these smart tips will surely come in handy for all those thinking about entering the real estate industry and even those who are already a part of this phenomenon. For many such interesting facts and know-how, keep following our exclusive blog at and stay tuned to everything properties, investment and real estate in the UAE through our one-stop portal.


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