Ready to Hail a Driverless Taxi in Dubai?

Ready to Hail a Driverless Taxi in Dubai?

UAE has been known globally for its out of the box and head-turning inventions the world over. When it comes to technological advancement, the region makes sure that no stones remains unturned and goes with all its might to provide the maximum ease and feasibility that technology can, to its residents.

One such recent invention and advancement was announced by RTA- The Roads and Transport Authority in the region to introduce electrical driverless cars in Dubai that would run on batteries and smart artificial intelligence technologies and would have no drivers in them. The trial period for these driverless taxis was announced to be conducted in December in the Dubai Silicon Oasis area. So guess what? It is December! And we are all eager and excited to see what this new wonder has in store for us.

This trial phase starting now in December is expected to run for three months after which RTA will decide if the taxis are okay to roll out in other residential districts of the region. Upon further question, the Director of RTA’s Automated Fare Collections Systems Departments Khaled Al Awadhi stated: “At the moment, there is only one autonomous taxi available that will initially run on a preset, dedicated route at Dubai Silicon Oasis. After the three-month trial phase, we will gather all the information and evaluate how we can roll-out driverless taxis in other areas of the city,” he added.

This Mercedes-Benz-E Class model cab has been designed in partnership with Dubai Silicon Oasis and DG World for robots and artificial applications. This autonomous battery driven taxi is equipped with four sensors located at each corner of the vehicle; three cameras for frontal, rear and inside view; two radars on the front grille; and another radar on the top of the vehicle. The cameras will serve two important functions for the driverless cab i.e. as the eyes of the taxi and for recording the traffic and road conditions in the surrounding. The sensors, meanwhile, will scan the surroundings within a 400-metre, 360-degree radius to control the vehicle and avoid collision. The sensors will send a signal if the vehicle has to slowly halt or come to a full stop.

This driverless taxi is part of the Dubai Smart Self-Driving Mobility Strategy which is aimed at transforming 25 per cent of Dubai’s total journeys into self-driving transit means by 2030. Thus, we at, are intrigued and curious to witness such a major revolution within the region and have our fingers crossed for it!


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