Major Dubai Police Fines

Dubai has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Middle East. Millions of tourists visit this desert metropolitan city every year, to experience manmade engineering marvels this country boasts. Also, due to the stupendous growth in infrastructure over the past few decades, Dubai has become an international commercial hub, creating enormous employment opportunities. Expatriates living and working in Dubai account for over a staggering 7.8 million out of the total 9.2 million.

Though Dubai is famous for the deserts and skyscrapers, the laws are Dubai is equally famous, but for being strict and heavy! If you are planning to work in Dubai or simply visit the Emirate as a tourist, you must consider making yourself familiar with basic rules and regulations in Dubai. You might not want to be caught up for some reason and pay fines which are notoriously on the higher side in Dubai. And mind you, there are police officials everywhere in search of defaulters!

Here are some major pocket burning fines in Dubai that you might want to avoid:

Throwing a cigarette bud on the road while driving

If you are a smoker, which you try not to be, don’t ever throw a cigarette bud on the road while driving. If caught doing so, and Dubai is a very difficult place to escape, you will be fined a staggering AED 1,000. And not only this, six black points will be imposed on your driving license. The best way to avoid this fine is to avoid smoking in public.

Spitting on the Road

If you have a habit of eating beetle leaves and spitting around, or it’s just that you spit a lot without any reason, be ready to pay a huge fine every time you’re caught. Fine for spitting on roads and other public areas is AED 500 and if you were chewing a Paan, then you will be fined AED 1,000. It’s better to avoid this unhygienic habit than to burn your pocket each time you do it. Rationality is usually against nurturing a bad habit at such a huge cost!

Tossing rubbish in the Creek

Dubai houses some beautiful creeks that offering a great soothing and relaxing experience. But if you dare to throw an empty wrapper or anything rubbish into it, you will have to pay a heart-piercing AED 5,000 as a fine! Now that’s a lot of money to get rid of an empty water bottle, isn’t it? So help yourself from losing a chunk of wealth, and the Dubai administration to keep the beautiful waterbodies as clean as they are.

Disposing Wastewater in open places

Disposing of wastewater in open spaces is considered as one of the gravest offences in Dubai. The fine for doing is a mind-boggling AED 100,000! So if you ever have a leakage in the sewage pipe of your apartment or if your septic tank is leaking, please repair it at the earliest. You might seriously not want to lose that much amount of your hard earned money.

Driving without a valid license

You will spot the most exotic cars of the world in Dubai, and it’s a high possibility that you might end up with a chance to drive one of those. But if you don’t have a valid Dubai Driving License, do every bit to resist the temptation. Driving without a license is a criminal offence in Dubai and can land you in jail for up to three months. Additionally, you will be fined AED 6,000.

Staying after Visa expires

If your tourist visa has expired and you still remain in the Emirate, please make necessary arrangements for either renewing your visa or going back home. If you fail to do either of the two, you will be heavily fined. On the first day after the visa expiry date, you will be charged AED 200 and subsequently, AED 100 every succeeding day. Even if you were on a working visa, and have just left the job, find another job within 30 days or you will be fined AED 125 on the first-day after expiry and subsequently, AED 25 for each succeeding day.

Various Traffic Rule Violation Fines

Dubai has some of the strictest traffic rules in the world. Even if you violate a few rules, no matter how insignificant they might sound to you, you surely be fined. Don’t be surprised at the total amount of traffic fines imposed on you. Following are some main traffic fines that you must be very careful not to invite:

  • Driving under influence of alcohol and drugs – AED 1,000 fine, 24 black points and 60 days vehicle confiscation.
  • Reckless/Rash driving – AED 2,000, 12 black points and 30 days vehicle confiscation
  • Truckload uncovered – AED 3,000 and 7 days vehicle confiscation

There are many more fines related to traffic rules. Please read all those on the traffic authority website, and try to avoid them as much as possible.

Though the fines in Dubai too harsh and rigid, these are necessary to maintain the general decorum and keep the environment healthy, clean and safe for all. So next time you are in Dubai, be a responsible visitor and avoid digging holes in your pocket.


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