Indian and Pakistani Expats in Top 10 Investors in New Businesses & Properties in Dubai

Indian and Pakistani Expats in Top 10 Investors in New Businesses & Properties in Dubai

When we talk about the population of Dubai, there’s nothing concealed that more than 80% of the population is non-native residents. Out of which 65-69% of the population comprises Indian and Pakistani expats.

Indian and Pakistani expats are also in the list of top 10 investors in businesses and properties in Dubai.

Dubai is a commercial hub with a booming real estate and business sector, and the relations of India and Pakistan with Dubai are peacefully tied. Therefore, these countries consider it favorable to invest in new businesses and properties in Dubai.

Indians and Pakistanis were among the nationalities which had the highest share in starting new businesses in Dubai. Out of 23,626 registration and licensing transactions, 2,087 were given initial approval in January 2018.

More than 1600 new licenses were also issued by the Dubai Economy. Bur Dubai outnumbered all with a share of 788 new licenses. Deira followed Bur Dubai with a share of 682 new licenses. New Dubai and Hatta were 3rd and 4th in the list with 157 and 11 new licenses, respectively.

Sector-wise categorization of the share of licenses reveals the following statistics – (Khaleej Times

  • 58% – Commercial licenses had the highest share in new licenses issued.
  • 39.9% – Professional licenses had the 2nd highest share
  • 1.1% – Industrial licenses had the 2nd lowest share
  • 1% – Tourism sector had the lowest share

Top 10 Sub-regions with New Licenses Issued

The top 10 sub-regions that accounted for 51.7% of the new licenses issued were;

  • 13.7% – Burj Khalifa
  • 9.3% – New Dubai
  • 6.8% – Al Marar
  • 4.8% – Naif
  • 3.7% – Port Saeed
  • 3.5% – Trade Centre
  • 2.5% – Hor Al Anz
  • 2.4% – Al Garhoud
  • 2.1% – Al Barsha
  • 9% – Al Wasl

How can Dubai real estate hold back?

Among the activities that were issued licenses, Dubai real estate, leasing and business services stood at 2nd position with 26.2% of licenses. While trade and repair services attained 1st position with 35.1%.

Other activities licensed were;

  • 15% – Community and personal services
  • 14.7% – Construction
  • 7% – Hotel groups
  • 4.2% – Transportation, storage and communications
  • 2.8% – Manufacturing
  • 2.5% – Financial brokerage
  • 1.2% – Contracting
  • 0.8% – Agriculture

Importance that properties in Dubai hold

Despite the downfall in Dubai real estate prices, properties in Dubai hold great attraction from the investment point of view.

As expected by the real estate analysts, the real estate sector will regain its position in the coming year. The Dubai World Expo 2020 would be the major reason for an immense increase in demand for properties in Dubai.

Not only the real estate sector, but the business sector is also anticipated to witness great success in the coming years.

We cannot be certain about the future. But for now, the Asians, majorly Indian and Pakistani expats maintain their positions among the top investors in new businesses and properties in Dubai.



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