Ferrari World Abu Dhabi – A Complete Tourist Guide

Ferrari World is the world’s first Ferrari based theme park, which has Ferrari inspired rides and attractions. The most striking feature of the park is the red-domed roof which resembles the Ferrari GT body. Ferrari World showcases the legendary automaker through sophisticated dark rides and other cutting-edge theme park technology. Open 365 days a year, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi offers a distinctive experience for visitors of every age in a refreshing, indoor, climate-controlled environment.

Must visit rides

It is so instinctive that will be immense thrill and entertainment when you have a name like Ferrari attached to it. The thrilling rides of this amusement park in Abu Dhabi are definitely the highlights of this eminent attraction in the capital. There are 37 awe-inspiring rides to choose from at the theme park but few of them cannot be avoided.

Formula Rossa: Fastest Roller-Coaster in the World- It is the world’s fastest roller-coaster which reaches a peak speed of a whopping 250 km/hr in just 4.9 seconds! Mind-blowing would be an understatement to define this ride. Since this is one of the most popular interests of visitors at Ferrari World, there is usually a long queue here.

Flying Aces: Highest Roller-Coaster Loop in the World- This ride is inspired by the legendary ‘aces of aces’ aviator, Count Baracca. The ride begins with a high-speed lift that takes everyone to the rides highest point at 63 metres with an incredible 51-degree inclination. In just a few seconds after which it plummets at a speed of 120 km/hr. This is followed by several loops, curls and high-speed rolls as the roller-coaster spirals through the dizzying loops.

Scuderia Challenge: State of the Art Racing Simulator- If you are a fan of virtual race-games then, this part makes you feel exhilarated. It allows six aspiring racers to compete with each other to take a virtual turn around the iconic Yas Marina circuit with this awesome simulator. The 180-degree screens in front of you and a steering wheel in your hand that enables you to control your virtual drive complete the feel of a real race.

Fiorano GT Challenge: Race along Parallel Courses- Based on the real GT courses, these parallel routes on the ride are made even more exciting because you will be seated on the prestigious F430 Spider-shaped cars. The thrill rises when, at several points during the ride, these twin roller-coasters cross paths making the riders feel that they are about to collide with each other.

Shows and other Attractions

This theme park is not just about the rides, shopping and dining. Never miss the live shows related to fun (Tyre Change), multimedia and 3D animations (Viva Ferrari) and live theatre (RED) here. These unique and entertaining shows will fill you with awe and surprise. There are several other attractions in Ferrari World for the whole family to enjoy. At the Cinema Maranello, you can enjoy watching the story of how Enzo Ferrari, the esteemed founder of the company, brought his dreams to life.

Restaurants at Ferrari World

  • When you are exhausted after a tired day at rides, you can try some authentic Italian restaurants and cafes.
  • Mamma Rossella: An award-winning restaurant where you can get delicious pasta and pizzas
  • IL Polio: A restaurant with food stations and show grills serving Arabic, Indian & Western cuisine
  • Cavallino Lounge: A casual yet elegant dining space that serves Italian and European dishes
  • Espresso Rosso: Italian cafe with freshly baked pastries and home-made gelato
  • Officer’s Food Quarters: Burgers, pizzas, shawarmas and other quick bites to grab before heading back to the rides.
  • Cinema Cafe: Concession stands with popcorn, candy, crisps and other snacks.

Shopping at Ferrari World

Shopping is a must at the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, as this is the only place where you will get all kinds of Ferrari branded souvenirs. It displays a huge collection of branded products including toy cars, Italian fashion clothing and accessories.

Seasonal events at Ferrari World

Festival of Lights- This event is held generally between October and November. The Park will be transformed with colour and lights and will present a modern twist on the traditional Indian celebration of Diwali. Every day the park will be a hub of activity with themed live music, amazing live dancers, dedicated festival areas and more!

Winterfest- This event is held generally between December and January. There are many fascinating events held at Ferrari world during Winterfest like Fairy world on Ice (show), Winterfest tree lightning, snow play pit stop etc.


General Entry Ferrari World Tickets for one day: Adults – AED 295, Kids – AED 230. Kids under 3 can go for free. VIP admission to all rides, premium seating in the park- AED 1995 per person. If you wish to have priority access to all rides along with driving experience then the ticket costs AED 600 – AED 2595. For family and friends tickets there is a cost of ED 885 for 4 tickets. You also get a further 25% discount on any additional tickets purchased.

How to get to Ferrari World

It is approximately 10 minutes from the Abu Dhabi International Airport, 30 minutes from the centre of Abu Dhabi. The famous Dubai Marina is 50 minutes from this park. The best way to get there is by car. There is valet parking available.


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