Everything you need to know about moving into a new Dubai home

Everything you need to know about moving into a new Dubai home

Why do we shift or move to new places? There are several reasons for that – when we get a better opportunity, when there’s a change in our income, or when there’s a change in our family unit size and many more. No matter what becomes the reason for you to move, you must not forget to enlist the detail of the process.

Especially, if you’re moving to Dubai, there are some fundamental factors that you must not miss while concluding this full-of-hassle task. Finding a perfect property in Dubai is a challenging task, and moving into a new place is another tedious task. It disrupts your routine, makes you tired, and adds a few dirhams extra to your monthly expenses.

Therefore, f you do not plan it systematically, you might end up losing a lot of time and energy while gaining not much out of it. To make that convenient for you, zooma properties has come up with a list of factors that you must consider to make your make you move in Dubai smooth.

  • Find a suitable moving company

It’s obvious that you would not get an already-decorated home unless you’ve opted for a furnished property in Dubai. You would certainly require the services of a professional mover, therefore, this is the step to begin with.

Begin your search, contact the licensed moving companies, compare the rates, match your feasible dates, and confirm your booking. Though they’ll charge you, they’ll make your process a bit less hectic and less time-consuming.

Done with the booking? Start packing your stuff! The process has already begun!

  • Dubai Electric and Water Authority – DEWA formalities

You need to consult and inform the authorities before exercising decisions related to Dubai properties. They perform their part of duties to make your process stress-free.

You have to apply to discontinue your electric and water connection and to demand your final bill from DEWA. The process takes 2 to 4 days, make sure you’ve finalized and completed the move before the connections are cut.

Bill clearing is a mandatory procedure in order to hand over the home to the owner/landlord. You’ll not get your deposit back until you have cleared all the previous bills.

You may apply for cancellation of the connection via online form or may visit any DEWA service center.

Just as you have applied for the cancellation, you need to apply for activation of electricity and water. You need to submit the move-in request before moving into a new property in Dubai. This is to make sure that you have a running connection when you enter your new home.

You would need the following documents and details for activation of connection;

  • Your passport or Emirates ID copy
  • Your landlord’s passport copy
  • Copy of your tenancy contract
  • Title Deed for your new home
  • Completed and signed DEWA form
  • 9-digit DEWA premise number written at the top corner of your entrance door
  • Ejari registration

Now that we are done with the pre-requisites, Ejari registration can be completed after you have moved into your new home.

Ejari is the registration of your tenancy contract. It is absolutely mandatory and required by the law. Without getting registered with Ejari, you would not be able to perform many tasks such as signing up to keep the electricity, water, and other services running, renewing/obtaining your residency permit, and employing a domestic worker.

Ejari also safeguards you against the tenancy frauds prevalent in the Dubai real estate market. It also ensures the transparency and approval of your rental agreement by the Dubai government.

  • Moving permit

Moving permit is a document that is required by the buildings and communities in Dubai. you have to deposit a fee which is refundable once you have completely moved. Without this permit, you might not be to able take out or bring in any piece of your possession to any property in Dubai.

This document ensures uninterrupted move and eliminates any delay in the move. This procedure also makes sure that you have cleared all the dues of the previous landlord.

  • Restoring the old property by painting and cleaning

As part of the contract (not necessarily) and as a gesture of etiquette, you need to clean the property and bring it into its original condition how it was when you acquired it.

At the time of moving out, you need to make sure that you have repaired all the damages. After the repairing is done, clean the property and paint it so that it is usable for the tenant who would come after you leave it.

If you fail to do so, the property owner has the right to detain your deposit unless you bring the property into its original condition.

  • Don’t forget to take back the deposit

Lastly, make sure to take your deposit back from the property owner. You would certainly not face any difficulty if you have cleared all the dues and have brought the property into its original condition.

Before settling into the new property in Dubai, taking a picture of it would be beneficial for you. This will help you in restoring your new property in the future when you leave it and move to another one.



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