Dubai marks as the World’s Most Cosmopolitan City!

With 83% foreign population from 200 different countries, Dubai emerges as the biggest cosmopolitan globally.

It is certainly not a surprise that Dubai is one of the biggest multi-cultured metropolis in the world. The city sees hundreds and thousands of expatriates flowing in every year in search for better future and opportunities. With an umpteen number of residential, career, leisure and luxury opportunities and platforms to offer, this Middle Eastern city has earned this space for itself around the globe in a very short span of time.

Dubai is filled to the brink with expatriates. Be it malls, commercial workplaces, residential colonies, or schools and universities, expatriates have inadvertently flocked the Emirate. However, the big reveal had not been done till date until recently, when the globally renowned consultancy firm McKinsey & Company came up with the Math.

According to the recent survey held by McKinsey & Company on how much of foreign-born’s were occupying different metropolises across the globe, it was found out that Dubai holds 83% of such foreign born residents belonging to 200 different countries in the world who speak more than 140 different languages. Now that’s a whopping number of expatriates living within a city. This indicates that within Dubai, the local population makes only roughly 17% of the total population. Thus, breaking it down, out of a sum of 3.1 million total people living within the Emirate, 2.6 million are expatriates.

Upon such mind-boggling results and statistics, McKinsey & Company was recorded stating: “Dubai is currently the world’s most cosmopolitan city, with foreign-born residents making up 83 per cent of its population. Its residents come from more than 200 countries and speak more than 140 different languages. Following Dubai is Brussels, with a population that is 62 per cent foreign-born; its inhabitants hail from approximately 140 countries and speak 86 different languages.”

Below is a listing presenting some major global cities with their respective foreign residents’ percentages:

City% foreign-born
Los Angeles39
New York37

Source: McKinsey & Company

Thus, we at, hope that such positive statistics is a testimony in itself as to how much favorable it is to make real estate investments in a city like Dubai.


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