Customer Service in Real-Estate Industry is the most important thing!

Customer is the King, Customer is Always Right – these are some of the statements that we have always come across and listened to whenever a customer is mentioned or we talk about any business whatsoever. Thus, like any other business, Real-Estate is also an extremely customer centric one and customer does surely come first for this sector of the economy too. Talking about this region specifically, real estate in the UAE in has always been a deal sealer for the country. The very existence and foundation of the whole country serves as the epitome of some phenomenally mastered real estate developments. Owning some globally iconic wonders to its name, UAE is sure shot a tale of rags to riches given the pace, hard work and exceptional use of intellect it has invested in transforming a dessert to a metropolitan.

Customer should be the first and foremost priority for all the real-estate brokers, investors as well as developers.

Thus, Hundreds and Thousands of new real estate agents open up their businesses every year, and they have high expectations for income from helping people to buy and sell homes. Real estate has created more wealth than any other industry in the history of time. However, people still stay skeptical regarding getting into the fray. Most assume that they have to start out with some type of capital. that is clearly not true. The one magic power you do need is to be ready to find the cash. And we’re usually not talking much to open up escrow. If you recognize what you are doing, then you’ll create money in property whether or not you are simply beginning out.

There is no doubt in the fact that real-estate industry is an extremely erratic one and nothing comes with a sure shot guarantee here. But then, what does? There are no 100 percents to literally anything in this world and be it a job, a business or an investment, everything carries its fair share of risk and therefore, one has to take the leap in order to strive in this unpredictable world. One of the biggest benefits to income producing real estate investments is that leases generally secure the assets. This provides a regular income stream that is significantly higher than the typical stock dividend yields. However, having said that, the fact of the matter is, real-estate investment is one of the smart investments that one could make and having said that, the main focal point in this whole endeavor is the customer.

Customer should be the first and foremost priority for all the real-estate brokers, investors as well as developers.

Murphy, a famous real-estate guru believes you have to live your customer service mantra day to day and always exceed expectations. Today’s clients are looking for fast responses to questions and someone who cares, so if you manage to achieve both at your brokerage, then you’re also building a strong referral base.

San Diego-based real estate investor and educator Than Merrill believes that customer service is the most important element of any business because it builds brand loyalty. “The majority of buyers in today’s market want to work with a professional who can offer peace of mind, as the real estate industry can confuse even the most seasoned of veterans.

Micah Solomon, a customer service consultant, speaker, and trainer, agrees that the most direct route to build and sustain business comes from delivering world-class customer service. A single satisfied client can spread the word to hundreds or thousands of their contacts online, he adds. And due to the emotional and stressful nature of dealing with such an important transition, achieving high-level customer service in real estate is more essential than in most industries, Solomon says.

To help improve or transform the customer service at your brokerage, experts offer seven tips to start implementing in the new year.

Customer should be the first and foremost priority for all the real-estate brokers, investors as well as developers.

Immediate Response to Inquiries. An hour might feel like a year when communicating online or via text. If a prospective client reaches out for the first time and doesn’t hear back that same morning or afternoon, they may very well move on. Thus, it is very important that a customer is made feel important and you drop everything and respond to the customer immediately once they have taken out the time and effort to reach out to you and put an inquiry forward. A lazy and laid back approach will definitely not help with this situation and therefore, one needs to be on their toes come what may.

Exercise unparalleled transparency. “There’s no excuse for neglecting to disclose anything,” Merrill says. The more transparent a real estate professional is when working with a client, the better. Doing so will build trust and increase brand loyalty more so than almost anything else. When a customer chooses you as their source of information on something as important as property investment, they are actually trusting you with it and putting all their trust into you as a person. Therefore, if you are not 100% transparent with them and keep certain facts from them, they will not be able to trust you completely and will therefore, not fully rely on you.

The Focus Point is Client. True personal service will differentiate your brand. Work to achieve the intimacy of a beloved bartender, doorman, or hairstylist—the kind who would know a customer’s preferences and the name of their children or pets, Solomon says. However, be aware that customers don’t want over-the-top, ultra chatty interactions all the time. It depends on their nature and how busy they are at the moment, so tune in to their cues. The only focal point and the center of universe for you should be your client and nobody else and so, everything should definitely revolve around them and as a real-estate broker you must assure that the same happens.

Show them you care. Murphy and his agents believe in building a friendship with their clients by the end of every transaction. In fact, it’s one of their core values. To enhance this, they plan five or more friend and family events each year to get everyone together and keep close ties. “Our mindset is that it’s not just about one transaction or one closing. We want to be there for our clients whenever they may need us in the future,” he says. Try doing the same. Show them that they are not just a source of money for you. They are much more substantial and important than that and make them feel valued.

Keep up with virtual reality technology. As the technology behind VR progresses, it could significantly enhance the customer’s home shopping experience. The client needs to do nothing more than put on a headset to either meet with their real estate professional or take a tour of a home, all from their current home or office. “We are just scratching the surface of what VR can do for the real estate industry,” he adds.

Deliver the best customer service. Don’t just be the best in the real estate business, be the best compared to all industries, Solomon says. “Your clients judge you against the great service they received at a five-star hotel, the friendly service they got this morning at Starbucks, and the speed of response they just experienced at Amazon.” As we have stressed time and more, customer service has to be at the focal point of all your services and be the point of attraction for that.

Get everyone’s name in your CRM system. Murphy provides a CRM platform for all his agents and trains them on how to use it effectively. “We encourage our agents to have their entire database and sphere in the system. It makes keeping track of contact information, important dates, and life happenings so much easier,” he says. That way, clients can get birthday and anniversary cards on time, so they know you or your agents were thinking of them. This should definitely be the case with each and every brokerage company and even with the real-estate master developers. Proper systems should be maintained and training should be provided to the front-end users in coherence with maintaining CRM systems and customer databases.

Real estate is, as they say, a people business. Poor customer service threatens the most important relationships in your business. Without a good relationship between you and your customers, there’s a chance nobody will want to work with you down the road, effectively limiting your chances of realizing future success.

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