Apartment for rent in Al Reem Island

Apartment for rent in Al Reem Island

Al-Reem is a natural island located 600m off the coast of Abu Dhabi. Al-Reem Island has become one of the most in-demand spots for residential and commercial properties in recent years. Due to the real estate activities in Abu Dhabi, it has turned the attention of the investors towards the properties in Al-Reem Island.

With rapid development and emergence of luxurious residential communities, the value for the properties, specifically, apartments in Al-Reem Island have witnessed a boost within the past few years.

Not only this but with the retail and other commercial activities, Al-Reem Island appears to be promising in providing a modern lifestyle to its residents.

Here are some interesting features that you could avail if you’re planning to buy or rent an apartment in Al-Reem Island.

  • Cluster of luxurious waterfront property choices

If you want a residence that refreshes you every morning when you look out of your window, then the properties in Al-Reem are the right choice for you! The waterfront view will surely release all the stress that you carry.

You get to avail a mixture of properties from studios to apartments and villas. The apartments in Al-Reem vary from 1-bed to 5-bed luxurious units, while the villas vary from 2-bed to 5-bed grand units.

You may choose a suitable one depending on your family size.

  • Architecture and the price range

You get to avail various styles of architecture in Al-Reem but the most prominent ones depict the inspiration from Spanish and classic Moroccan style of structure.

The price range varies from AED 70,000 to 80,000 for a 1-bed apartment, and AED 120,000 to 140,000 for a 3-bed and 3-bed apartment + maid’s space.

Being one of the first freehold areas in Abu Dhabi where expats can buy properties, Al-Reem has attained a special value in the heart of non-nationals of Abu Dhabi as well.

  • Commute and the parking spaces

If you work in the city or often go to the city, then you must know that Al-Reem is linked to the city with 2 highways and the 3rd is under progress.

If you want to move around within the island, then there are public transports available at various spots for your convenience.

Parking is not an issue if you have rented an apartment in Al-Reem Island. Most of the towers have dedicated parking spaces for the residents. For visitors, there are designated car parking spots or they may park their vehicles in the mall car parks.

  • Schools and Hospitals in Al-Reem Island

Al-Reem Island is home to one of the best schools of the Emirates, Repton School Abu Dhabi.

With that, Hummingbird Nursery, Mosaic Nursery, and Playhouse Nursery are a few options catering to the Kindergarten requirements.

Hospitals and clinics are also within close vicinity.

  1. NMC Specialty Hospital
  2. Burjeel Hospital
  • Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi – offers top-class medical services

In addition, numerous pharmacies further add to your medical assistance in Al-Reem Island.

  • Malls and Supermarkets

How can we forget to include shopping spots? Buying or renting an apartment in Al-Reem in Al-Reem Island would serve you with a complete shopping experience.

The malls in Al-Reem Island include;

  1. Boutik Mall (Sham Boutik)
  2. Galleria Mall – one of the top malls of the Emirates
  • Reem Mall – to be completed in the year 2020

Further, the supermarkets in Al-Reem include;

  1. Al-Maya
  2. Carrefour Market
  • Geant Supermarket
  1. Zoom

With such convenience of amenities, it’s natural for Al-Reem to have a great market value in the UAE.

If you’re searching for villas, townhouses or apartments for rent in Al-Reem Island, then you must go ahead without allowing a second thought to this plan.

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